Privacy Policy

At FFA, we are committed to protecting the personal information entrusted to us.

This policy covers the information we hold, from the time we obtain it to the time we delete it.

If you have any questions about our policy or complaints, please contact our Privacy Director, Smith-Antoine Fiset, by email .

Type of information essential for FFA

The mandatary must provide FFA with the following information so that our agents can coordinate the appointment according to the needs of said mandatary:

* These documents may be omitted depending on the type of appointment or referral

Source of personal information

The personal information we keep is provided to us by the mandatary

How and with whom the information obtained is traded

We use the information provided to us to coordinate an appointment according to the mandate given to us. The information provided to the selected health care professional is as follows:

Name / Date of birth / Diagnosis

The other information previously recorded in our files is used to position the appointment.

Security Measures for Retaining Personal Information

Sensitive information is any information that must remain confidential outside the organization and must be protected by FFA. Access to this information is permitted only to FFA employees as well as the mandatary of each case and the subcontractor (health care professional).

All personal information is stored in our highly secure Portal and destroyed after normal use.